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Huitengxile wind farm is the biggest wind farm in Asia. It’s located in Inner Mongolia plateau, at a high altitude. It’s also an air outlet and the wind resources are very rich. Here 10 meters high annual average wind speed is 7.2 m/s, 40 meters high annual average wind speed is 8.8 m/s, wind power density is 622 W/m2, the annual average air density is 1.07kg/m3, 10 meter high and 40 meter high 5-25 m/s effective wind time is 6255 hours to 7293 hours. It has the characteristics of high stability, good continuity and high wind power quality, etc. It’s the most ideal place to establish wind farms. Since the beginning of the wind farm in 1996, we have installed 94 sets, the installed capacity has reached 1.4 billion kwh, we recent planned to installed capacity reach 166.5 MW. It will become the biggest wind farm in Asia and also a bright scenery in Huitengxile tourist area. The wind farm can not only ease the shortage of electricity in Beijing, Tianjin and other places, but also form the most ornamental wind power scenery. No mater what the season, the wind farm is always running. The wind farm becomes new scenery and it makes many tourists stop phase view and linger. Visiting Huitengxile, enjoying the scenery of the grassland, appreciating the world scenery, tasting the pastoral areas and listening the history of Mongolia will make you feel fresh. Huitengxile grassland is the summer resort for tourism and leisure.

Chahaeryouyizhong county implement the scientific concept of development seriously in recent years, taking the national development of renewable energy as an opportunity, optimizing the investment environment continuously, strengthening the green energy industry and wind power development is strong. By the end of 2009, Chahaeryouyizhong county Huitengxile wind farm total installed capacity exceeded 1 million KW, reached 1029000 KW. It can achieve a total of 1085000 KW, grid connected power generation reached 855000 KW (Huadian power 321500 KW、CGNPC 200000 KW、Longyuan power 133000 KW、Beijing energy 200500 KW). According to the size of single field installed capacity, it ranked first in the world. At the end of year, it ranked first in the banner around the country. And it’s also the first banner whose wind power installed capacity exceeded 1 million.

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