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Provide solid insulation products for Tian An Electric

       GXGT1-12 solid insulation switchgear is environmental equipment which is fully insulated and sealed,live parts are sealed in epoxy resin insulating cylinder with earthing shielding painted on outside surface and silicone rubber sealing busbar. Plug-in type solid insulation busbar is used to connect two neighbor switchgears.  Whole switchgear is not influenced with external environment.

GXGT1-12 solid insulation switchgear consists of vacuum load switchgear, vacuum load switch-fuse combination equipment cabinet and vacuum breaker. It is suitable for three phases AC 10kV, 50Hz single busbar system for acceptance and distribution of energy equipment. It has control, protection, supervision and communicating function for circuit. It is applied in airport, substation, large buildings, secondary substation and industrial and mining enterprises, etc, especially for the place with narrow place, bad environment, high altitude and request for maintenance-free. 


       We provide Solid insulating products for Tian An Electric whitch was used in GXGT1-12 solid insulation switchgear.

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